The OZYMANDIAS EFFECT, video poem by Martina R. Newberry


A video poem of the poem The Ozymandias Effect from Martina’s new book Never Completely Awake. Never Completely Awake is a book of 99 completely aware poems. One endorsement called it “nothing short of breathtaking.” The substance and acuity of Martina’s writing demystifies itself through refractive language. Poems playfully at times, at times seriously, remeasure characterizations […]

to one who bends my time cov grab
Lesser Eternities cov
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Combed by Crows
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New books


                available now Siegel knows how to go for the small specific details that illuminate even the darkest subjects.                 —Maxine Kumin Available now Jim Glenn Thatcher’s mystical, yet earthy poems are among the most moving I’ve encountered.  —Don Williams, writer, […]

Save the Monarch


At City Hall, Portland, ME, Martin Steingesser presents his poem On Eagle Lake, and Save The Monarch petition card to raise awareness about chemicals like Roundup that are effecting he ecosystem, wildlife and water supply. A copy of the petition is posted here along with the performance video. There are other petitions you can sign on […]

Thank you writers


The submission period has been suspended indefinitely. Reopening of submissions will be posted. We received good work last period, so many submissions though, that we will be shortening the period deadline to October first. We already have six possible manuscripts that could be published from last period. Notices will be going out soon. Sorry for the long […]

Vagabond's cover

New book The Vagabond’s Bookshelf: A Reader’s Memoir


The Vagabond’s Bookshelf: A Reader’s Memoir by Dawn Potter was at The Frost Place for the  Conference on Poetry and Teaching And it is now available on the Website here where shipping is included in the price, so that’s free shipping if you order from this site. The Vagabond’s Bookshelf is also selling on amazon where it is […]

An interview of Richard Kostelanetz with visual poetry


If you don’t know Richard Kostelanetz and his work, or don’t know very much, here is a good place to begin. Listen to the poets voice as he talks about writing, ideas, and work in the realm of the avant-garde. His new book is available here. All one need do is Google his name to […]

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New book Descent & Other Poems


Descent & Other Poems by Timothy Ogene is available now. Read what Felicity Plunkett says about his work. Timothy Ogene’s poems are writings of witness, displacement and beauty. Instead of a home address there are poems as address, at once exquisitely gentle and acute. The sharpness of the poems’ blades—whether literal, like the blades that peel cassavas […]

FictionFields by Richard Kostelanetz


          Richard Kostelanetz’s FictionFields: Microscopic Narratives, is a completely new rendition of a form that he has done before. The typography presented in this project, using many typefaces and styles, creates an entirely new experience for new and existing readers of Richard’s work. The pages themselves breath between static-linear and spiraling-shifting […]

Free shipping in the U.S.


Ordering one title? For individuals paying the full retail price, shipping is free in the U.S. using the Paypal add to cart buttons. Use credit cards or Paypal accounts. For outside the U.S., places like Canada, England, and Australia, single titles cost from 10.00 to 14.00 to ship internationally, and I have tried to calculate […]