Submission update


Dear writers: thank you for your interest in Deerbrook Editions. Please see the page titled submission guide for details. The submission period is now Aug 1st to Oct 31st. The press has  received so many submissions during the past months, and actually over the past year and a half, that the response time is quite […]

Poet Laureate Announcment

Maine’s new Poet Laureate


Stuart Kestenbaum named Maine’s 5th Poet Laureate. Stuart has been promoting poetry for years reading at Haystack, and wherever he goes, not to mention a life of devotion to art and the humanities. His service to artists and the school of Haystack as director included almost daily reading of other poets, often Maine poets, taking […]

The Diary


The Diary Joan I. Siegel from A Passing In the photo she looked like my sister’s best friend. I was in second grade. 1953. At recess the girls played jump rope. The boys goose-stepped to “Heil Hitler!” their fingers made a mustache above the lip. A German girl in class invited me to her house […]

Blue Poem

Blue Poem, for Adam


Martin Steingesser reads, performs, and teaches in Maine. For many of us he is a legend going back to the eighties when he performed on stilts at places like the Maine Festival. Here is a poem from Martin’s new book Yellow Horses called “Blue Poem, for Adam,” and a video of a performance of this poem.  […]

Recent reviews


Wars Don’t Happen Anymore by Sarah White reviewed in The American Book Review. No Passing Zone by Donna Reis reviewed in The American Book Review. Only Now by Stuart Kestenbaum reviewed on The Line Break by Tom Holmes.

Another book review in American Book Review


No Passing Zone, poems by Donna Reis, has recently been reviewed in American Book Review. Donna Reis is the author of the nonfiction book, Seeking Ghosts in the Warwick Valley (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2003) and three poetry chapbooks: Incantations (Eurydice Press, 1995), Dog Shows and Church, A Sequence of Poems (Eurydice Press, 2000) and Certain […]