Opening poem, Never Completely Awake


From  Never Completely Awake  by Martina Reisz Newberry Beautiful                   for my Aunt Jan who is . . .   Beautiful isn’t it, the way some beaches are sand and some are small, smooth rocks and Beautiful the way the water bends like molten silver when the weather is hot and it’s late in the […]

to one who bends my time cov grab
Lesser Eternities cov
Archaeology cov grab
from Underground cov grab
Chrysopylae cov grab
Combed by Crows
Kafka's Shadow cov

New books


                available now Siegel knows how to go for the small specific details that illuminate even the darkest subjects.                 —Maxine Kumin Available now Jim Glenn Thatcher’s mystical, yet earthy poems are among the most moving I’ve encountered.  —Don Williams, writer, […]