Yellow Horses


Yellow Hrse cov 9-11
Yellow Horses

by Martin Steingesser

ISBN: 978-0-9904287-8-7

7 x 10 deluxe; 62 pages; $17.29

available now



The poem in this video appears in the book Yellow Horses.



At City Hall, Portland, ME, Martin Steingesser presents his poem On Eagle Lake, and Save The Monarch petition card to raise awareness about chemicals like Roundup that are effecting he ecosystem, wildlife,monarch-petition-card-1c and water supply.










Martin's latest book, Yellow Horses, is somewhat of a deluxe edition being 7 x 10 inches. The size was chosen to accommodate poems and avoid truncation of lines, and in the end provided nice margins akin to a fine press edition. 


The poems in this book accumulated over a period after Brothers of Morning and The Thinking Heart: The life and Loves of Etty Hillesum, also by Martin Steingesser. 

Martin was interviewed by Bob Keyes and the Maine Sunday Telegram.


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