The OZYMANDIAS EFFECT, video poem by Martina R. Newberry


A video poem of the poem The Ozymandias Effect from Martina's new book Never Completely Awake.

Never Completely Awake is a book of 99 completely aware poems. One endorsement called it "nothing short of breathtaking." The substance and acuity of Martina's writing demystifies itself through refractive language. Poems playfully at times, at times seriously, remeasure characterizations focusing the readers attention on the life of the poem and the poem's intent.

Here is what Gerald Locklin says about the book. More praise can be found here.

These poems are driven by a passion both sexual and scriptural through configurations of surrender to instinctive logic and imaginative opportunities. Nothing is lost upon her. She treats each moment of each scene as her raison d’etre: Devotion to the project of creative language. The collection or series is endlessly interesting. She is an artist touched by brilliance, and her gifts simply refuse to be denied. I have been blessed in my exposure to her work, as I feel sure, you will be also. Poets, they say, are either born or made. Martina Reisz Newberry is both.

—Gerald Locklin, Poetry Editor: Chiron Review.

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