Thank you writers


The submission period has been suspended indefinitely. Reopening of submissions will be posted.

We received good work last period, so many submissions though, that we will be shortening the period deadline to October first. We already have six possible manuscripts that could be published from last period. Notices will be going out soon. Sorry for the long wait.

Right now several books from last year are in the planning / prepress stages. Moving forward is slow so accepted manuscripts will be looking at approximately a 16 month time period for publishing. In other words, when publishing agreements are signed, sometime during the following sixteen months that title will be published.

Thank you for your interest in Deerbrook Editions.The Underwood

2 thoughts on “Thank you writers

    1. Dave

      If you are asking about submitting a MS for review, submissions are closed indefinitely right now.

      If you are offering to write a review, please offer more information.

      Deerbrook Editions

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