Poems from the Pond


Candice Stover on Words from the Frontier

Poems from the Pond by Candice Stover


Poems from the Pond

by Candice Stover

ISBN: 0-9712488-7-7

6 x 9, 45 pages

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Candice Stover
Candice Stover

Former Maine Poet Laureate Baron Wormser says “Candice is an example of poetry as a way of life in terms of how it influences people’s interactions with other people… Candice is very much in tune to sensibility. I think that’s part of what’s at the core of poetry.”

Candice Stover is a native of Maine who has traveled and taught widely, including two years in Shanghai, China and workshops in New Zealand.

Candice often writes about how landscape impacts self, soul, and consciousness, that musical interaction with our surroundings. Her work is acutely aware of the physicality of experience and the sensual presence. Candice’s book Holding Patterns was selected by poet Mary Oliver as winner of the Maine Chapbook competition.

Selected Publications:
Holding Patterns (Muse Press, 1994)
Another Stopping Place (Oyster River Press, 2001)
Poems From the Pond (Deerbrook Editions, 2007)