Four Deerbrook Poets reading in Warwick NY


Four Poets from Deerbrook Editions:

Donna Reis, Joan I. Siegel, J.R. Solonche, and Sarah White

will read their poetry at the Albert Wisner Library in Warwick, New York on Saturday, April 8th at 11:00 a.m.

We hope to see you there.

Donna Reis author of No Passing Zone — "Lyrical, wry, biting—Reis uses all the tricks in her deck to show how to survive the pain and healing of the body, the crumbling and restoration of houses, the razing and rebuilding of love."  

"Joan I. Siegel's book, A Passing is a  held breath, a chord lingered on and released, the silence eloquent as music. In these poems, memory both preserves and fails, distorts and clarifies." Joan also is the author of Hyacinth for the Soul.

J. R. Solonche, author of Beautiful Day and Won’t Be Long — Identity, history, mortality, the natural world--the big four take the stage here, but spiced with wry wit and bemusement. Solonche possesses a deadpan delivery that delights in unexpected twists and word play that can turn deadly serious.

Sarah White — Wars Don't Happen Anymore is a perfect title for a book that takes on the delusions, regrets, and brutal facts of war. Sarah White's poems testify to specific circumstances that charge each death or reprieve from death with a story or memory or image. She has not backed down from the pity we rarely let ourselves feel. Anyone whose life has been touched by war, which is to say everyone, should read these poems whose anguished occasions are so finely suspended in the terrible amber of time.   


Donna Reis

 Wars Don't Happen Anymore by Sarah White

Sarah White

 Won't Be Long by J.R. SoloncheBeautiful Day by JR Solonche

J. R. Solonche


Joan I. Siegel

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