Autumn Leaves


For a time the leaves were not turning much, just drying up and falling. It probably has rained about two days in seven or eight weeks. Some trees now are getting color but the brook is dry and many birds have gone.

Good news? Nine new titles to choose from under the NEW TITLES menu of the menu bar. If you go to the link below you can read poems from books currently on Each preview is an e-book like or better, interactive PDF page turnable document.

Many of our books are online to preview the first several pages.

Other new books are in the works for next year. Many manuscripts were submitted over the passed couple of years and there are still some to review.

Those that our reader did not favor will be reviewed again before a final notice is sent. The intent is to send notices in the US mail because emails don’t seem appropriate but writers occasionally write using the contact form and a response is given. Trouble with Website SEO marketers using the contact form forced some blocking of contact messages but that has been fixed and hopes are that not many were missed. 

Click on [show thumbnails] to open larger views of covers.



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